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Passionate About Inspiring Others
Tyree S. O. Byndom - Co-Founder

I love to help people along their path, quest or journey by making sure that they have the correct tools of their trade, the guidance that is needed and someone committed and brave enough to share the facts and data in a way that in edible, to add maximum value and is relevant to their needs.

Someone once said "You make excellence, seem common."  It was a profound statement that had a lasting effect on me however the person only saw the accolades connected to the journey at the current stage, and not the stress, trials, and challenges that had to be addressed, one by one, with meticulous and consistent effort, in order to attain and maintain that excellence.

I believe that everyone has many things in common based on our human experience, however having the ability to be unique in almost every way.  While we are here on Earth, there are certain things that drives and pulls us, such as our purpose, calling, destiny, dreams, inheritances and curses, that vie for our attention and ignoring them will not make them go away.  Only listening to our heart.

Whether this voice is grand or bland, it has incredible personal value and allows us to attain excellence for at least one thing and area, while many of us, have multiple areas of excellence and quite often, no mentors, peers, children, proteges to share this talent with and pass the baton.

We coach individuals, families, businesses, neighborhoods, movements and cities on how to attain and maintain excellence, by first discovering their destiny as the foundation.  Once you are conscious of your destiny, the rest of your life is able to be sculpted better.

Accompany You To Shine Light in Dark Corners
Nikolette Bell-Byndom - Co-Founder

Nik Bell-Byndom is a gifted Spiritual/Life Coach with over 10 years of experience in

her field. She has a unique ability to use her formal training, experience, and

empathic abilities to help you reach your greatest self.


Nik helps you forge through life as a champion, even when you are having issues seeing the victories. Some of her services include: overcoming trauma, goal achieving, healing relationships, setting boundaries, self care and numerous issues of a Spiritual nature. Nik can be an awesome secret to your continued success.

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