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Updated: Jun 9, 2018

I have a funny story to tell you. (well, it's funny to me)

*If you are a cut to the chase kind of person, scroll down to the end*

Three months ago, my cellphone glitched and I feared that I lost all of my data and information, and I started praying. I mean really praying. For those of you that know me, I use my phone for business, play and I am very active socially, and so I would have lost a lot of my work. But I am also detached and decided to just see it as an opportunity to grow and to learn. I told my wife Nik, about what happened on my phone, and she said a few wise and practical phrases and while it helped me, I was feeling silly for not taking care of the basics.

This is not the first time that I have had this issue and the following times, I lost it all, but honestly every time it happened there was a silver lining.

I have a common phrase that I say often.

"Every time a test or trial happens, it is God giving you a chance to grow that much closer to Him."

So, I thanked God for this test, praised Him for allowing me to know Him, serve Him and detached from my phone and data. I then asked if there was any service that I could provide to the Holy Spirit, in order to solidify my faith in the divine, and to make the most out of this test, and finally to master this specific test in my life, so that I wouldn't have to experience this particular feeling again.

The answer from the Holy Spirit was swift and immediate.

Provide free websites to all Local Spiritual Assemblies and National Spiritual Assemblies that do not currently have a digital presence or would like to redesign their old websites.

My wife asked me what the response from the spirit was and I was very reluctant to tell her. Truth be told, I was doing the numbers in my head and trying to make a rough estimate of how many communities there are in the world and how many don't have a digital online presence. The number that I came up with was 140,000 localities that had members of this small and new faith, but about 100,000 formal locations that had an actual Local Spiritual Assembly, which consists of locations with 9 adults members in good standing, that are elected, by secret ballot to serve in this capacity. Upon searching, I discovered that only 15% of these communities currently have a website. So, I have a potential client list of 85,000 communities. WOW!

I was nervous and scared that I would be working for free, for the remainder of my life.

However, the Holy Spirit is very specific when they ask for something to be done, and quite often there are ways to do their bidding with practicality and sustainability. Whew!

I told my wife and she said "I guess you better hop to it then!"

She is very obedient when the Spirit tells her to do something. She does it in record time. I have watched her give away a $500 Coach purse that she absolutely loved without pausing. I was very impressed. So, trying to get sympathy from her isn't ever going to happen.

Right after I finished processing this test by praying, meditating, consulting with my wife and grappling with my ego to detach and give up my will something miraculous happened.

My phone rebooted by itself and came back alive, restored, with a full charge, like new. OMGoodness!

Tyree and Klaye

There is no possible way that I could have explained it away as a fluke. The deal was set in stone. I spent a few days researching how I could do this service, choosing best practices and finding the proper channels and contacts to reach out to the LSA secretaries. Then, I conveniently forgot about the request as I had many tasks come up, I was dealing with my duties to the family and I was also starting a new job, going to college and other tasks.

And then I had a series of very challenging trials and tests come my way, and after a few moments of contemplation I realized what it was. A reminder to honor my agreement.

When I realized it, I immediately posted on Facebook, that I would be willing to create a website for free for any Local Spiritual Assembly or National Spiritual Assembly at 9pm on Monday, June 4th 2018. In 24 hours, I had received 10 responses. I realized it would be easier to blog the process and story instead of explaining it 10 to 85,000 times to different people in different communities. So, the remainder of this blog will explain the details.

It is important for each community to have a website, which is your digital portal to the world. Roughly 85% of young people and adults in the US have smart phones, have access to the internet, and have an expectation that services, products and institutions should be digitally accessible in the ways and channels that they use, as well as show some mastery and expertise in digital communication and exemplary customer service.

The forerunner to Baha'u'llah, The Bab, was a Merchant in Shiraz, Persia, and he was very innovative, honest, faithful and would always have the highest quality merchandise, but ultimately he was known for his customer service. He would only charge exactly what it was worth, on that day, and was known for many times, giving refunds if there was any discrepancy, without the person asking. This was in a climate where corruption was rampant. I am 99.9% positive that He would probably have a website, if He were alive today.

I say that to say this. Having a digital strategy that matches the people's expectations, and not our capacity and comfort, is the best practice for this day, especially when seeking growth and maturity or emergence from obscurity.

Common Excellence Coaching, LLC will invest $194 into each of these community by offering one hour of training for the community and one free basic website. Click on this link to secure your offer and choose a date to meet with Tyree Paladon Byndom.

In order to prepare for this free offer you will need to provide your content and have the following things preferably:

  • Your address, locations, important annual dates

  • A list of good quality pictures

  • Words and quotes of choice

  • A community member or members who are tech savvy or digitally literate (youth (15-30) are normally very good for this role)

  • Open to guidance from an expert in the field

If you have these things, we can consult in 1-2 hours, we can build it in 1-2 hours and complete our agreement and terms. If we have to provide these things, you could incur some expense and if there are many extra concessions, you may incur additional fees.

Just so that we are 100% clear. Because the website is free, does not mean that you will not have a small investment to create it. To maintain a basic site costs around $20 a month with a one time annual fee of $15 for your domain. CEC will not cover any of those costs.

We offer many services to our global clients and would only like to highlight a few that may be of interest to members of the Bahai Faith and their Assemblies.

  • Website Maintenance: this is if you would like assistance maintaining the website after it is all complete and you cant find someone who is skilled or open to doing this service. $47/month

  • Social Media Set-Up or Maintenance: if you would like some help creating social media channels and adding them to your website or maintaining them, we can assist. $47/channel

  • Group Coaching: this package is to help communities create their own personality, teaching plans, and outreach strategies to connect and find receptive communities. $5/person

  • City Profile or Community Assessment: any community that signs up for the coaching, we would offer a free city or regional profile of their city, so that they can have access to their local demographics. We also have a more detailed custom community assessment that comes with recommendations that costs $500 but it a very powerful document. See an example here.

Please do not feel obligated, challenged or pressured to attain any of the additional services and coaching. We simply listed it so that you are aware, and that you know that we are here for you in any way that you need.

We will be able to do 19 of these websites per month so leave a comment if you are interested and feel free to set up either a free consultation or book your website now, and choose a time that works for you. If you would like to consult as a group or as a body, please choose the group consultation option, or simply call, text or email us.

(469) 708-COMX and email is info@commonexcellence.com

Blessings to your movement, your legacy and your life.

Tyree "Paladon" Byndom

If anyone would like to learn more about the Bahai Faith, click on the link or feel free to call 1-800-22-UNITE to connect to someone in your locality. It's definitely a faith for the young, young at heart and seeker of truth in this age of chaos.

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