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Good afternoon guys,

Hope you are all having a great day.

We are currently working with some incredible people who are seeking to attain and maintain excellence in their lives, and who were fed up with feeling lost, uninspired, lacking motivation or feeling unhappy about where they are in life.

We hear this a lot and the unfortunate thing is that this feeling is a common curse that many of us share on Earth. Most people do not like what they do for work, job or career, and they don't feel fulfilled and in their jobs they do not feel appreciated, valued or listened to, by their superiors or leadership.

The best medicine for those feelings is this: Start Your Own Business.

You don't have to quit your job, end any friendships or post it to social media.

But you can take a step today, to start a process that can change your fortunes, and use that angst, pain and frustration as fuel to light a fire that can be a beacon for the remainder of your life.

The reason that I am posting today is because I want to help those 1-2 people that was waiting for a message like this. I would love to work with you.

My first initial consultation is free. Set your appointment right here, today.

Also since I am working from home today, I am offering some serious discounts.

  • Business card design ($47)

  • Infographic Resume ($67),

  • Professional logo ($97)

  • Professional basic website/digital resume/CV ($97).

  • Digital literacy classes for elders $17

  • Coaching for anyone disadvantaged or minority or women owned businesses is only $27 a month. (normally $97)

These deals are available FOR TODAY ONLY!!!!! So act now.

If you sign up for coaching ($97 a month), I will throw in a free resume ($97) and a business evolution plan ($247) to anyone that signs up for at least 3 months.

Our coaching focuses on 5 areas and you can choose where you would like to start first.

  1. LifeCoach - most people can measure their success and milestones by their angst, their wishes, their longing, wants and needs. This is the map.

  2. SoulCoach - we are immortal beings having a temporary existence. If we neglect the source of our passion and spirit, we can remain frustrated.

  3. BizCoach - If you want to start a business, manage your business more effectively or grow your current brand to greater scale, we can assist.

  4. CareerCoach - We can help you sculpt your career path mix or trade, profession and calling in order to maximize your portfolio and end game.

  5. CityCoach - If you feel that you have leadership aims and you want to serve, lead, protect or develop your community and city, this is for you.

Start-Up Business Package: good until 6/30/2018

This start-up business package that I am offering to anyone that wants to start their own business, discover your destiny and create an additional income stream. This is good to people already working or who own a successful business or someone who needs to change and invest into your future. We are offering this for $900. It comes with the following:

  • Professional Logo

  • Basic Website

  • Infographic Resume

  • Engaging Business Cards

  • Training to Run Back Office

  • Coaching for 3 months

  • Social Media Set-Up (4 channels of your choice)

  • Business Set-Up (email, phone, domain,

  • Business Sales plan and strategy

  • Social Media Management (2-3 post per week, on each channel, for 3 months)

  • Website Maintenance (3 months)

This is normally worth $2,000 in value. Anyone can secure this package with a down payment of $300 today.

Special: Lastly, if any of you refer a paying client to me, I will give you 10% commission on all referrals. If you are currently a coaching client, I will pay you 25% per referral.

For example, if someone buys a website for $447, you can earn $47 just for sharing this post or tagging a friend that is looking. That would be $115 if you are a coaching client.

This way, if you refer 1-2 people a month, you can receive your coaching for free, and invest into your own business foundation.

Love you guys,

Blessings to your movement, your legacy and your life.






Cell (469) 708-2669

Text (573) 424-6323

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