Why taking action creates success

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

The universe has a stake in our actions because the whole system is designed to work in favor of those that create "movement". In fact, it is counting on it, and the movement in turn, gives it purpose and hope.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life allows our brains to disconnect with thinking in order to just be primal and be at one with nature, ourselves and the moment. That is the reason why exercise is so important to many people and is necessary to keep all of our system and cylinders firing the correct way.

Success Is Not Connected To Only Winning

“I have gained more meaning from my losses in life and learned so much more from so-called losses over my lifetimes that I have gained from my wins. The W, sometimes allows us to become complacent, while the loss, makes the combatant dig deeper, work harder and longer!”

The World loves it when the Champ loses, and then prepares for a comeback, in order to regain their championship title, belt or ring. In life it is similar, and while we may never be in the position to be fight for the heavyweight title belt, our challenges can be just as formidable for our own lives, and just as rewarding if we stay active, focused and committed.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Even though it is easy to forget it, no one ever completes any successes only. We are social creatures as human beings, and when shut off, we shut down. Only when we connect with those that are aligned with us, our goals, have our best interest in mind, can we truly attain all of the glory and beauty that is in store for us. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Our greatness is always tied to someone's investment, whether hidden or visible, and the ability to see, acknowledge that gift, value it, and complete it, gives us so much more than the independence ideology to think that our greatness comes from us, alone. It doesn't matter if we are the best in the world if we have no friends or loved ones to share those incredible moments with or to listen and share their side of the tale.

Peace Be Still

“When we stop, we gather dust or rust, but when we act, we are always in demand.”

Have you ever been forced to be still? I have experienced stillness many times and though it was very difficult, the lessons and fruit of those times are wonderful, if you can make it through the wilderness of patience. Stillness is normally put upon us as a safety mechanism, in order for the Universe to allow certain situations to take place, so that you may "mark time" in order to prepare. However, if you don't see these times accurately, and see it as a punishment and not a blessing, and not take the time to prepare, when the time does come, you will not be in position. Many times when this happens in our lives, is when ailments such as depression, sadness and feeling lost are a byproduct. It is a slight punishment for not being prepared for our lives, and is a sign to meditate, go deep, find the lesson inside, and to ready yourself again. The cycle always comes back around again, so don't fret.

Be Inspired or Provide Inspiration

This life will always be connected to inspiration. Actually, even after this life is gone, we will be given opportunities to still inspire and stay connected to our children, their children, and those that are close to us, and that we have an affinity for, or those whom our actions in this world somehow touched. Therefore, do your best to stay active, focus on the prize, and absorb as much of this life as you can. I know that you will face many foes, challenges and adversaries who will attempt to change your trajectory. All I can say is this, take it all with a grain of salt. As long as you stay active, your heart, spirit, soul, mind and guides, will lead you to the place that you are supposed to be. So if you find yourself in a spot that is not of your liking, I would ask you to stop thinking about it, end your reflections on it, and act.

The video below is a young man named Jean Michel Basquiat who lived a swift life, but one that was full of action. Last year, one of his paintings sold for $110M in an auction. He once dated Madonna, before she was the material girl, and mentored under Andy Warhol himself.

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