• Soul Coach

    Every week
    Invest into your soul, well-bring and life
    • 5 monthly coaching sessions each month
    • Text, email and social media support throughout the month
    • One vision email per month
    • Invite into CommonX network that offers additional content
    • Life Evolution Plan with milestones and goal setting
  • Purpose Coach

    Every week
    Work with Donald "Dr. Purpose" Murphy
     7 day free trial
    • One on One weekly session with you to discover your purpose
    • We will create a plan schedule that works for your family
  • Fixer - Crisis Coach

    Combination Mentor, Coach, PR, HR, Muse and Oracle.
    • We talk and walk you through your crisis
    • We offer you email, call and text support
    • We find a way to assist you to fix the issue, great or small
    • Great for individuals, community organizations or government
    • $499 down and the remainder is based on value and success
  • Social Media Coach

    Show you how to connect to the wider world
    Valid for 3 months
    • We can set-up your social media channels
    • We can help to manage your social channels
    • 2 monthly coaching session on your main interest
    • Coach all ages on social media management
    • Coach parents to manage your children's social media
    • Lessons on how to go viral once a week
    • Discount offered for those over 60
    • Lesson on how to advertise on all social media channels
  • Career Coach

    Every month
    This is great for anyone seeking to enhance their career
    Valid for 3 months
    • We will offer you a Career Evolution Plan
    • We will create a professional digital resume
    • We will create a color infographic and traditional resume
    • We will create social media profiles for you
    • We will help you clean up your social media channels
    • 1 weekly coaching session to keep you on track
    • We will offer recommendations, articles, books and tips
  • Best Value

    Tech Coach

    Every month
    Take your business and add innovation to your brand
    Valid for 3 months
    • 4 virtual sessions on how to utilize innovation
    • Discover your destiny and tweak your niche
    • Assist anyone who is tech challenged and assist them to grow
    • Share technology that will assist you to function better
    • VIP invite into our digital network with other friends
    • Offer weekly content and learning to assist your growth
  • Destiny Coach

    Every month
    Perfect for companies, communities and institutions
    • Destiny package consist of ten 60-minute consultations
    • Monthly text and email support
    • Administrative support
    • Research and Data Mining
    • Team Development and Building
    • Urban Development
    • Solution building
  • Launch Global Brand

    Every month
    Take your idea to the people in 3 months
    Valid for 3 months+ 7 day free trial
    • We will create you a professional website
    • We will create a professional logo
    • We will create all of your social media channels
    • We will maintain the website and social media for 3 months
    • We will offer coaching, research and advice on your journey
    • Automatic attendance in Urban U Incubator
  • Website Maintenance

    Every month
    We will maintain your digital presence all month
    • Pay annually and receive a FREE website
    • We will make all updates that you need to add to your site
    • Monthly website and email fee is also covered here
    • Training on how to manage your website
  • Create Your Logo

    Create a new or redesign an old logo or brand
    Valid for 3 months
    • Create a professional logo
    • Consult with client to get colors, images and fonts
    • You are allowed 3 mockups and 2 revisions
    • Receive all formats when you have the design you want
  • Basic Web Presence

    Perfect for first time website - great for bloggers
    Valid for 3 months
    • We will send you a template to fill out completely
    • We will build the website for you based on the content
    • We will train you to use the website
    • We will offer one coaching session to get you started
    • We will do all of your SEO and Social Media connections
    • You can sign up for web maintenance, logo and coaching later
  • Professional Website

    Great for your first or second website
    Valid for 3 months
    • You provide all of the content on our template
    • We will offer you a coaching session on content provided
    • We will build you a basic web presence digital platform
    • We will offer free web maintenance for 3 months
    • We will attach all social media channels
    • We will provide all SEO setup and security for the site
    • We will show you how to use the site and transfer it to you
  • eCommerce Website

    Get your store and brand online
    Valid for 3 months
    • We will help you gather all content
    • We will build a professional website
    • We will build you a professional app with your website
    • We will connect all of your social media sites
    • We will complete the SEO and secure your domain
    • We will build your store and maintain it
  • Unify Your City

    Perfect tools for your Government, Community & BIPOC Leaders
    Valid for one year
    • Receive Your Cities Black Demographic Infographic Profile
    • Receive Your City Assessment Which Is A Blueprint For Change
    • Receive An Annual Visit To Coach Your Team
    • Learn How To Move The City Forward And Connect Stakeholders
    • Receive Weekly Virtual Sessions To Coach Your Team
    • Learn New Tools, Tips and Tricks To Gain Power
    • Receive Entrance To The Private Black Playbook Media Network
    • Receive Daily Black History and Content to Feed Your Soul
    • Find Access To Local Funding Sources To Fuel Your Movement
    • Start Your Movement, Choose An Aim and Launch Locally
    • Connect To The Urban Universe Ecosystem Resources
  • Stimulate 2021 Goals

    Business Launch 🚀 For 2021
    Valid for one year
    • eCommerce website
    • Logo
    • Social Media Set Up and Maintenance
    • Coaching
    • Marketing Support
    • SEO set up - top 3
    • Free month of advertising
    • Web maintenance